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Your experiences with uTest

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  • Your experiences with uTest

    What are your experiences with uTest?
    What apps are you working on and how does uTest work for you?

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    Some feedback from our uTest Special offer users so far with my own responses as Product Manager in bold:
    • The installation experience had one hiccup, as I initially selected "uTest Express" as it was among the six visible applications and carried the uTest logo. Upon selecting uTest express, I found reference to both Bronze and Silver, but was confused by the $499 price tag for the "free offer". After cancelling, I scrolled down to find another "uTest Bronze" as the ninth and final item of the ten-item list--yes, the "All Applications: Showing 1 to 10 of 10 results" heading is misleading, as only 9 applications are displayed). RS: We are working on better ways to show APPS further down the page that you have to scroll to. We've introduced the 'showing 10 of 10' label at the top but we could also do with a translucent cursor at the bottom of the page which flashes periodically
    • To make the trial successful, it would be nice to be able to use the entire infrastructure as a closed environment. This would allow a company to experience the test management system from both sides, rather than moving forward on blind-faith. RS: Yes, the ability to view a test server with live data would be valuable and go a long way to achieving the same result. I'll raise this with uTest
    • I found the uTest name to be confusing, uTest implies self-service testing, but really means outsourced testing. I was expecting an integrated test management tool and found a service bureau management system. I've passed this one onto uTest, we could better at advertising what the product is on the product information pages too - more direct language needed
    • I proceeded to enter basic project information through the uTest Bronze interface, the test request wizard was difficult to use. The mandatory Software Category list did not have a category that was anywhere close to the focus area of our solution and there is no "other" option. Improvement raised with uTest - very valuable feedback

    Great to have this feedback coming in, uberAPPS is in its infancy and we are doing a lot of testing around each APP. We take pride in how it looks and we'll continue to improve with feedback like this. Feedback is always welcome, no matter what the experience is!