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How to reinstall an app? (Jenkins)

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  • How to reinstall an app? (Jenkins)

    I'd like to reinstall the Jenkins app, because I had problems during a plugin update that I haven't been able to recover from. Since I haven't configured anything beyond testing, it seems easier to reinstall than to continue troubleshooting. I'm running UberSVN 12.11-2086 on a Centos 6.3 machine.

    I haven't seen an obvious option to reinstall, and I'm basically unable to move forward on deploying UberSVN/Jenkins without resolving this. I'll reinstall the whole UberSVN system if I need to, but that seems a bit excessive.

    Can anybody provide guidance? Much appreciated.

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    Hi there,

    Unfortunately there's no way to reinstall Jenkins on the same uberSVN installation and using the same key.

    You would have to uninstall uberSVN, get a new key and then reinstall.