Somehow Jenkins won't download from the UberAPPS. Everything went fine and I can see the Apps, but when I go to ManageAPPS and try to download Jenkins, it just can't connect.
(We're unable to connect to the UberAPPS page)

It's definately not a firewall issue, because I did a wget to (found in another forum) and that worked fine.
I even disabled the firewall completely and still couldn't connect.

This is a piec of the logging:
INFO - Update mirror is:
INFO - Found 0 available updates
INFO - Found 0 eligible updates
ERROR - Unable to download package for:Jenkins
INFO - Downloading images for page.
INFO - Downloading page from the UMP
ERROR - Object not found response from UMP

uberSVN version: Core 12.03.9420-2

I'm at a loss.....