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Unable to browse repository. Error: Cannot get latest revision

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  • Unable to browse repository. Error: Cannot get latest revision


    I am using uberSVN beta, version 11.10-7884 with SVN version 1.6 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7, 32-bit. I am using Firefox version 3.6.17.

    The installation of uberSVN occurred without incident. Checking in my code went without incident. I was unable to browse the repository via uberSVN.

    I followed the instructions for swapping in the sventon browser, version 2.5.0, as this seems the recommended course of action. Changing browsers did not solve my problem.

    I am able to browse my repositories from the command line.

    I have never been able to browse my repositories through uberSVN. The graph updated correctly after I checked in my code, but nothing else changed. I am not running another instance of the Apache daemon (httpd), and not using a firewall. SELinux is disabled. I have restarted the service numerous times and rebooted as well.

    Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Problem solved!

    I looked in the ubersvn/tpmcat/temp/sventon_config/RepositoryBrowser/repositories/<repo name> directory and modified the file, replacing the hostname of the repository with it's IP address.