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Tutorial:Unable to see uberAPPS? Here's a common fix

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  • Tutorial:Unable to see uberAPPS? Here's a common fix

    No access to uberAPPS?
    A number of users have reported problems viewing the uberAPPS tab. This brief guide runs through fixing what is probably the most common cause.

    On the uberAPPs tab you'll see a message that says "uberAPPs server is not currently available. Please try again later."


    If you've never seen the uberAPPs screen working, and you're working behind a firewall, it's likely that the ports that uberAPPs needs are blocked by your firewall.

    What's to be done?
    Is it actually a communication problem between uberSVN and the App store service?
    If you're unable to register an uberAPPS account while you're unable to see the store, this most likely down to the store's ports being blocked. However, if you are able to register an uberAPPS account, when unable to access the store, it's more likely to be a glitch that might be fixed by restarting the server.

    Unblocking the port
    You can configure your firewall to allow uberSVN to talk to the uberAPPS store over HTTPS port 7487.

    As it's possible for someone to gain unauthorized access to a computer by misusing an available port, it's now common practice to block ports that are not confirmed as having a legitimate use. That's what firewalls do, they block connections that try to use ports that are not confirmed as needed. Occasionally a port that has a legitimate use is blocked, and requires opening.

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    Please indicate how I can test if the port is open. Is there an address I can ping/telnet?


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      Hi Orbrey,

      Many Thanks I got the key, but when I try applying the key its says invalid license key.

      Please suggest me some alternate way to configure the same

      Many Thanks
      testking 300-208


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        I want to get my ubersvn key ,but the web site is closed .can you send the ubersvn key to my


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          Hello! I want to get my ubersvn key ,but the websit is closed ,My registration e-mail Please help to know my ubersvn key...