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Tutorial: Using Gmail to handle uberSVN's outgoing notification emails

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  • Tutorial: Using Gmail to handle uberSVN's outgoing notification emails

    Some users have reporting difficulties in getting their mail set up, while other users have encountered difficulties using mail services that require the use of TLS. There's a quick-fix solution, create a Gmail account and use Gmail's authenticated SMTP server to handle your uberSVN server's outgoing notification emails.

    We don't recommend this as a perminent solution - you'll note that Gmail won't allow your emails to come from anywhere but the Gmail account.

    1. Sign up for a gmail account -

    2. Get the account working, sending and receiving email before you continue.

    3. Login to uberSVN using an administrator account, click on the Administration tab.

    4. Click on the Email Server tab and enter the following details:

    Enable email notifications: Yes
    Use SSL: Yes
    SMTP Server Address:
    SMTP Port: 465
    From Address: <yourgmailaddress> = At the time of writing whatever you write here will be automatically rewritten to the accounts address.
    Email Prefix: [uber] or anything you want to be included in the email's subject line to distinguish it.
    SMTP Authentication: Yes
    Username: <yourgmailaddress>
    Password: <yourgmailpassword>

    5. Click on the Test button, to ensure the details are correct. If you get a failure, check you don't have any empty spaces in the addresses entries, and also check that your uberSVN account has a valid email address associated with it.
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