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[Authentication] Must I re-authenticate when select new repo to browse?

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  • [Authentication] Must I re-authenticate when select new repo to browse?

    I manually imported 20 repos from SVN dumps. Not sure if the authentication is a uberSVN or an sventon thing but it slows me down substantially as compared to other SVN repo browsers. I am hoping there may be other approaches to authentication.

    1 - Select uberSVN tab Repositories
    2 - Click magnifying glass browse icon to right of desired repo
    3 - The "Authentication required for repository access." page appears and I must enter username and password
    4 - Repeat at step 1, when I get to step 3 I must re-authenticate

    I expected to not have to authenticate at all as I already had to authenticate when I logged on to uberSVN. Are there other ways to configure authentication?

    Most developer work under Linux but our internal LAN is Windows and I believe IT may have an LDAP server. Any tips in direction are much appreciated.



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    Hello again

    Yes, I believe this is an unfortunate quirk of the third-party repository browser we are using. We hope to replace it with something better at some point, but unfortunately I'm not sure when that will be yet.


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      Bummer. A better SVN repository browser is my team's main interest in evaluating uberSVN. We already had Jenkins server going and were very happy with it. I had liked svnenton and I believe that is what uberSVN uses. However, I did not realize it required authentication each time a user selects a different repo. This may be a show-stopper for our users for both sventon and uberSVN.

      What does uberSVN's "Default LDAP" do? I configured it for "Default Anonymous Bind" and tested successfully. I was hoping the LDAP support meant I do not have to create uberSVN user accounts and it uses the internal LAN LDAP server. Maybe I do not have it configured correctly?