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No scroll bar for repo browsing

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  • No scroll bar for repo browsing

    I'm using IE9. When I browse a repo, I see almost 17 entries in the repo. (The last is paritally displayed) I would have expected a scroll bar that allows me to scroll down and see the remaining entries but, alas, it is not there. I can drag and select and the items will scroll, but that's not a proper interaction.

    Should I be seeing a scroll bar?

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    Sounds like a bug. Thanks for the report.


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      not only on IE9
      i report this long time ago but nobody seems to care much


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        We do care - trust me! However the problem isn't one that we can fix easily. The plan is actually to replace the repository browser completely. That will be a good fix, but it unfortunately is a quick fix.

        The workaround is to right click on a link in the repository browser and open it in a new tab. Not a pretty solution, but it should work OK?



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          What do you mean you can't easily fix. It is a two second fix that I did myself. You can do it and provide an update.

          In the ubersvn webapp go to


          On line 53 which sets the iframe change scrolling="no" to scrolling="yes"

          That's it. Now the iframe has scrolling and the repository browser will work.


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            Aha - Well now I feel stupid for not checking this properly.

            Thanks for this. We'll get that changed in the next build and the info is there if anyone wants to work round in the mean time.



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              It's a work-around, not a fix...

              Enabling scrolling on the iFrame sorta kinda fixes it, but then the entire frame scrolls and you lose the header and buttons, etc on top... Proper implementation should scroll just the file list, IMO.



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                It basically is a fix. The repository browser tool they are using is not meant to be displayed inside an iframe. It expects to be in the browser window all by itself. So the way they are using it, this is the fix. The only other way would be to actually code a repository browser within the ubersvn environment. Maybe they will do that in the future but I am guessing not with this version.