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Linux: how to enable "start on boot" for UberSVN and it's subversion

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  • Linux: how to enable "start on boot" for UberSVN and it's subversion

    OS: SUSE Linux
    SVN - 1.7
    ubersvn: 12.6-0403-1

    This Uber installation has been running for about a year. I have not done updates to it but not sure if it has been updated automatically. I did not do the original installation. I am a software engineer. I'm not a major sever/Lunux geek but have done enough to have a general understanding.

    I need to know how to read & edit the "start on boot" option. Also, I'd like to make sure that both UberSVN and subversion are started automatically to a usable state on server restart.

    I see from the installation instructions that "start on boot" is an option, and that "you can enable or disable start on boot after the installation." However, I cannot find that option in the UberSVN web interface and can't find any instructions for how to set it in "/opt/ubersvn/" or elsewhere.


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    Hi there,

    I'd be surprised if it wasn't already installed as a service, and had a script in your init directory?

    If it doesn't, you can follow step 6 at this link to make sure it is there (and will therefore start on boot):

    Hope that helps you get it sorted.