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Loading dump file into UberSVN repo at specific location

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  • Loading dump file into UberSVN repo at specific location


    We've recently set up an UberSVN server and created a repository that has the following folder structure.

    -> ProjectA

    As you can see we're opting for a "one repository to rule them all" approach. I have existing SVN repositories for each of the projects that I would now like to migrate into the one repository while still maintaining all the existing version numbers. My understanding is that this can be accomplished using svnadmin dump to create a dump file for each project repository and to then perform an svnadmin load to load the dump file into the new repo.

    I'm using the UberSVN Web Admin utility under the Repository Admin options there is an option for loading a dump file. My question is, can I load to a specific location within the repository or will it default to load the dump file to my RepoHead? I'd like to load each project repositories dump file so that I can retain the history of each individual repository and combine them into one.


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    You can specify the location when you add the repos into uberSVN. You'll want to check the section of the docs here, titled 'Add an existing repository from the server', which tells you how to preserve the revision history.