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Replace uberSVN Repository Browser with WebSVN working!

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  • Replace uberSVN Repository Browser with WebSVN working!

    Since i was unable to get any help on these forms I just wanted to post that it is possible to replace the Repository Browser with WebSVN!

    DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any issues that this causes on your system. I highly recommend that you take backups and test on a different server

    first! However with that being said i was able to do this with zero problems and no side effect on the system.

    This is what i did.

    From Linux Ubuntu 12.04+ x64

    1.) install Subversion (apt-get install subversion) - don't worry this will not change your uberSVN subversion.
    ------ Note: I did the APT-GET first of the subversion. and then found an issue with compatibility of the webSVN and uberSVN subversion version. to fix this

    install subversion 1.8 for your distro. This is important to get this to work right.
    If you get asked about installing svn modules then you can say yes.

    2.) install libapache2-svn (apt-get install libapache2)

    3.) install webSVN (apt-get install webSVN)
    ------During the install it will prompt you to configure webSVN. On the first screen say 'yes', second screen leave all options checked *, third screen put

    in your top level repo location. (mine was /u01/uberSVN/repositories), fourth screen leave this one blank!, fifth 'ok'. If you mess this up the first time

    around don't worry you can reconfigure this again by running 'dpkg-reconfigure webSVN'

    After that you have do some minor tweaks.

    First lets change the port that it wants to run on.
    /etc/apache2/sites-available and edit file 'default'
    change the *:80 to *:81

    so it should look like <VirtualHost *:81>

    Save the file

    restart your apache service.

    ./etc/init.d/apache2 restart

    after that open your browser and check that you can get to webSVN


    if you did everything right about you should now see webSVN.

    Check and see if you can view your ubserSVN repositories!

    if you can see them then great!

    Now lets replace repository browser this with uberSVN.

    First lets lock down webSVN a little bit and configure some settings.

    goto /usr/share/websvn/include
    edit file

    make sure the following lines are uncommented.

    $config->useFlatView();   //This is optional.  I just liked the way it displayed better in uberSVN
    $config->setShowRepositorySelectionForm(false);   //This is important as this will lock down websvn from users looking at other Repos.
    $zipped[] = '.dll';   //optional
    $config->allowDownload();  //optional
    $config->setMinDownloadLevel(0);  //optional

    Next lets replace the old REPO Browser with webSVN

    go to your install directory for ubersvn

    navigate to

    open file

    Edit line. with the <iframe> tag.
    comment out or delete the old <iframe>
    then use this.
    <iframe frameborder="0" height="590" width="100%" scrolling="true" src="yourservername.domain.local:81/webSVN/listing.php?repname=/#
    {repositoryProfileManagedBean.repo.davLocation}" />
    or if you want to specify a theme

    <iframe frameborder="0" height="590" width="100%" scrolling="true" src="yourservername.domain.local:81/webSVN/listing.php?template=Elegant&repname=/#
    {repositoryProfileManagedBean.repo.davLocation}" />

    comment our or delete

                <h:outputText id="repoName" styleClass="formOutputText" style="font-size: 24px;"
                  value="#{}" />
                <br />
                <hr />

    Then that is it! your all done! give yourself a pat on the back.

    As long as i did not forget any steps.......

    go out to your uberSVN. Then go into a repo. then click on the 'Browse' tab. and you should not see the webSVN browser with your repo!!!


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    Hi there,

    Thanks for this, I'm sure it will be very useful.

    We do actually have a guide for updating the included repo browser to the latest version of sventon, you can find this here.