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2 bugs in Team group tab and permissions on repository

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  • 2 bugs in Team group tab and permissions on repository

    Hi all,

    I've two problem in UberSVN.

    - The first : when I want to go in user list of an existing team group (Tab Teams and click on the number of an existing group), ubersvn don't show the page and web browser continue to load page.
    - The second : when I want to add group on permissions tab of a new created repository, or existing repo, select an existing group and click to Add button, the page automatically reload without hold group selected in the list. So the group can't access to the repository

    If you have an idea of an any fix to solve this problem ?

    Thanks in advance

    -- Edit : I'am using uberSVN Internally Managed for authentification and I precised there are no error in /home/ubersvn/data/logs/error_log for twice problems --

    Ubersvn version : 13.2-3153
    SVN version : 1.7.9
    Number of Repositories : 130
    Number of Group/User : 2/10
    export CATALINA_OPTS in /home/ubersvn/bin/ubersvncontrol : "-Xms128m -Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m"
    O.S. : Debian 6.0.7
    Server VMWare : 4 vCPU at 2.5Ghz with 4GB of RAM with only ubersvn
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    bump !

    Any idea ?


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      Up !

      Any ideas please ? this server is in production and 2 of my developper can't access ton svn due to this bug ...


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        Hi there,

        I can't replicate your first issue at all, what browser/OS are you using? Can you browse all other uberSVN tabs ok?

        Regarding the second, you'll need to add the repo to the team before you can edit their permissions. Do this by selecting the teams tab, clicking the team you want to add and then selecting the repositories tab on the right panel.