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Lost Admin Account - is there a way to reset the password or make a diff acct admin?

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  • Lost Admin Account - is there a way to reset the password or make a diff acct admin?


    We had an employee set up ubersvn and he configured himself as the only admin. This person has since left the company and all of his local account details (such as email) have long since been deleted. Now we need to gain admin access to the ubersvn system, and we know his username in the system, but not his password. Is there any way to reset this, or make a different user the admin user? We are running 12.4-9741 with SVN 1.6.

    I searched the groups and it mentions a "" script - that is not existent on my install, so I did a search, found it from a newer install (on a different machine) and copied it to the bin directory and run it - it seems to run fine, but the web ui still prompts for a password on that admin user account, and if left blank, just denies the login.

    How do I gain control of this service?



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    Hi there,

    How big is your SVN installation? How many users? How many repos?


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      it is very small - just for a POC - there are 2 repositories and a total of 4 users - only one that is still active though (me). I want to add 2 more users, and remove the inactive ones, and that is what I need the admin access for.



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        Since you're on an old version of uberSVN the best thing to do would be to reinstall.

        Steps to take are as follows:
        1) Checkout a fresh copy of your repos.
        2) Uninstall uberSVN
        3) Download and install the latest version of uberSVN
        4) Add your users and any teams needed
        5) Create new repos in uberSVN (without the trunk, branch and tags) - this is done from the add repo option
        6) Checkout the new repos
        7) Copy the files from 1) into the new working copies from 6)
        9) Update your clients to connect to the new repos

        This will get you back into a working state. I'd recommend always having at least 2 admins, and backing up your uberSVN config files regularly.

        It's worth noting that you will lose revision history on the new repos in the new installation, but you can always keep the old repos if you need to be able to access the history.