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Novice Question: Migrating UberSVN Win7 Repo to Ubuntu

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  • Novice Question: Migrating UberSVN Win7 Repo to Ubuntu

    So there's two things:

    1) I currently have UberSVN installed on a Win7 and I am moving it (hopefully tonight) to a Ubuntu install, on the same physical PC.
    2) I unfortunately haven't used UberSVN in ~4 months and I cannot remember my password.

    So, I assume there is probably some super easy 1-button method of backing up the repo and installing that back-up file once I get UberSVN installed on Ubuntu. Since I cannot do that (because of Fact 2), what is the correct way to do this manually? Can I just simply zip up the repo folder, move it to a flash drive, wipe Win7 and install Ubuntu, then import saved repo into UberSVN Ubuntu?

    Thank You

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    Hi there,

    You can do this in the command line to dump the repo, place the dump on a storage device, place the dump on ubuntu when you have installed ubersvn.
    You should be able to to add a repo into ubersvn from the dump file you will have created.
    This should allow you to dump the repo without the need to use Ubersvn.

    Please use the link provided below for instruction's on how to do this.


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      trying now, thank you.
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        I feel like an idiot, how do I type the command correctly in Windows for the svnadmin dump if my repo is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\WANdisco\uberSVN\repositories\repo1 ?

        I keep getting complaints about "too many arguments"


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          Would you be so king to run this command and see if it works.

          Please copy the text below, right click and paste into a cmd terminal.

          svnadmin dump C:\Programme files (x86)\WANdisco\uberSVN\repositries\repo1 > C:\Programme files (x86)\WANdisco\uberSVN\repositries\repo1.db

          If you are still having issues when you run the above command then please do let me know.
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            I tried that in and received the following:

            C:\Users\Sanborn>svnadmin dump C:\Program files (x86)\WANdisco\uberSVN\repositor
            ies\cavedrop > C:\Program files (x86)\WANdisco\uberSVN\repositories\cavedrop.db
            svnadmin: E205000: Try 'svnadmin help' for more info
            svnadmin: E205000: Too many arguments
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              Would you be able to run the command one more time and take a note of the time when you started the dump. Then are you able to look in your httpd.conf file Located in the apache folder and post the Results here ( everything from the time the dump started till the end of the file, use the time to locate when the dump started)

              The idea is that this will have more information on what is causing the dump not to happen, there is every chance that this is a permission issue since you are unable to log into ubersvn.


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                Another question, are you able to retrieve the password using the lost password function as you attempt to log into ubersvn ?


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                  I cannot do a password recovery, I moved to another state last month and for whatever reason the e-mail functionality no longer works (new IP address?)

                  I'll try the httpd dump


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                    You mentioned you moved. Did you move the subversion server with you?