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    I have uberSVN installed on a Windows 2008R2 server. The versions is #12.10-1766 SVN - 1.7

    My question / problem is that when I'm in the uberSVN GUI I navigate to a repository and then to the "Browse" tab. However I don't see anything except the following:

    [show recent changes]					Go to revision	Go to path
    							HEAD	  	/
    Rev: HEAD -
    Unable to get latest revision
    Repository Browser based on sventon (Copyright (c) 2005-2010, the sventon project. All rights reserved) version: 0.1 beta

    Shouldn't I see the files in the repo??

    Thanks --Kenny

    If additional info is needed please just ask.

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    Hi Kenny,

    Are you using LDAP auth ?
    The reason I ask is there is a known case that sventon doesn't work correctly if you use LDAP auth. I believe there is a patch to resolve this issue but I can't remember the exact detail's as of yet.


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      Yes, I am. Do you know the patch # or how I can get it? Many thanks!


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        I am unable to find the patch for windows.

        Below is a link to do the patch on a linux, hopefully with that information, you might be able to get this working on a windows machine.

        As an alternative, you could use an alternative repo broswer or maybe a full svn client such as SmartSVN.
        If you wish to just use a repo browser then maybe websvn is something you would like to look into.


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          This should work.

          1. Stop uber
          2. Download
          and extract svn.war from it.
          3. copy svn.war to ..\tomcat\webapps
          4. rename RepositoryBrowser.war to RepositoryBrowser.war1
          5. rename svn.war to RepositoryBrowser.war
          6. remove directory RepositoryBrowser
          7. start uber
          If the user applies any new ubercore updates they will have to repeat
          the above process.


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            WORKED!!! Great! Thank you!!