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Repositry listing access denied

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  • Repositry listing access denied

    When I installed ubersvn first time on windows all repositories were listing when I was entering base url for svn. BUt now they are not listing and I am getting forbidden. But when I access reposirty diretly its fine.

    Please advice

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    Hi there,

    We'll need a little more information to be able to help.

    What version of uberSVN are you using?
    How are you accessing this?
    What's changed between it working and not?
    Do you have the relevant permissions?


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      I am using
      WANdisco 2012 - #12.11-2086 SVN - 1.7 Made in Sheffield™

      I have logged in as admin to svn server url
      I have attached screen shot in zip file attached
      Attached Files


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        Are you logged into uberSVN at that point? as an admin? Has the server address/port changed?


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          I logout from ubersvn and then goto svn url. Over there it asks me for username and password and then it shows this message.
          But if I goto and enter username and password I see repositry files and folder but I cannot browse


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            I think the issue is that you wasn't suppose to be able to see all the repo's like you mentioned before.
            To view a repo with the method you are describing you need to do this
   (svn port and the name of the repo you would like to look at).

            If you would like to be able to view all the repo's then I would download something like Websvn which would allow this to happen.