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LDAP saetup and limited users being imported

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  • LDAP saetup and limited users being imported

    Hello All, this is my second issue im running into. I can connect no problem to my LDAP server, but when it pulls users i get only a few: Also i get htsi error code [LDAP: error code 4 - Sizelimit Exceeded]

    Now is this a ubersvn issue or an AD issue. I have been reading that AD has a limit of 1000 users but do not know if this has to do with an AD setting or ubersvn

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    Hi there,

    That's an LDAP error, so it will be an AD issue. You can change this in either the administrator profile settings or the server settings (depending on where the rule is applied).


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      Hmm. Are you sure this isn't an issue with how UberSVN handles LDAP queries? For MS AD the max page size for a query is 1000 objects and it cannot be increased. The search result can be more than 1000 objects, but if there are more than 1000 objects, the query must be paged so the DC can handle the query in manageable chunks.


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        You're right, the paging issue is an uberSVN one. We're aiming to add this in the next update.