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How to create a daily backup cronjob dor SVN on a linux server

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  • How to create a daily backup cronjob dor SVN on a linux server

    Hi Folks,

    My first post here. Started using uberSVN a few weeks back cos of a client's requirement. I was initially running this on a local Windows XP PC at their office, however since there were other people accessing the SVN server from home I shifted this to a linux VPS and it's running great (though I had issues restoring the only repo from windows to linux).

    Now comes the issue. I need to take daily backups of the repo and I have minimal knowledge on uberSVN or any SVN type to get this done. I looked at the admin interface and there is no option to setup a backup cronjob like the one i'm after. And I do not want to go to the admin panel daily and run the backup job.

    So i would like to run a cronjob daily to create full backups (or better like every firday full backup, then incrimental till next friday) and store the file on a specific folder. Now I have gone the blog post on uberSVN site regarding the backup option, however nothing make sense to me as I have no idea about SVN operations (I'm a network admin and not a programmer)

    If someone could help me to achieve this, it would be really grateful.

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    Hi there,

    Welcome to the forum, and to uberSVN.

    The backup function in uberSVN only backs up the uberSVN data, it doesn't back up your repository. For this you'd need to use the built-in functions in SVN itself. These are svnadmin dump or svnadmin hotcopy. Hotcopy is often preferred as it takes a full copy of the repo and all it's data, even if it's in use. For more detail see here. You can easily stick that into a cronjob.