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admin user deleted by mistake

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  • admin user deleted by mistake

    I'd like to know if there is a way to recover the admin user.


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    Hi there,

    What version of uberSVN are you running?


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      Sorry for my english,
      I have to troubleshoot some uberSVN problems without knowing the product, the version is 12.6-0403.
      This is the story so far...
      A Team manager delete a user (who was actually the admin of uberSVN) from the team, but he want to delete the user from the application at all.
      The funny thing is that this user (the admin) really disappered from the user list (I think this is a bug).
      After some hour of troubleshooting I ask team manager to try to add again this user and in fact it worked, the user was now part of the team again, and also listed in the general user list.
      Trying to find a solution earlier, I used the ldapadminreset script.
      Now the situation is the following:
      we know the admin is not being deleted, he's password is being reset BUT the smtp for uberSVN was never configured so the mail with the code never arrived !!!!
      My question at this point is, is there a way to set manually the smtp configuration or is there another way to access as the admin ?



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        Thanks for the info.

        To clarify, the last admin was removed as a user? And you don't have SMTP setup for email? If you login as the user you removed and readded does that user still have admin perms?

        We made it impossible to remove admin permissions from the last admin user in uberSVN, but it seems there's something we missed if it's possible to delete the last admin user altogether.


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          I know how this story seems a little "strange".
          In the end, I couldn’t try to use the admin password 'till this morning 'cause I haven't it (I know, I know...).
          The password still works, so the problem never existed indeed (luckily the script never affected the login).
          The only bug I can report is the fact that the user my associate removed from the team disappeared from the general user list.


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            Is that issue reproducible? Perhaps try with a non-admin user?

            I've just tried adding and removing a number of users from the team page and none of them were actually removed from the general list.

            If you can reproduce it still please let us know your OS and version and we'll try and replicate in our test environment.


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              The OS is Mac OS X Server Lion 10.7.4.
              I'm sorry I can't reproduce the issue because the new uberSVN admin change the password.
              I am currently allocate to other projects, all of this was just a favour.

              Thanks for your time.