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  • ubersvn - access control - svn.auth


    Installed ubesvn - access control. [WANdisco v4.1 build 0635, Java v1.6.0_24, Linux], running fedora13.

    I'm trying to figure out why the svn/auth changes I've made are n't being written out to the /opt/ubersvn/conf/svn.authz file
    The file has nothing in it.

    I'm really exploring ubersvn/access control, to setup test access control rules to see where the resulting rules get written. Or are the rules written to a different file, or written to a db?

    I've got the >>Use authz-based access control? << set in the tab for the "Access Control" / Proxy / SVN Settings page.

    When i do a "regen" Authz file, the time/date stamp of the svn.authz file appears to change, but I don't see the rules I created in the file.

    As far as I can tell from the docs I've seen, this should work, unless I missed something.



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    Would you be able to post the contents of the ubersvn/svn-security/logs folder please? If you could also share the ubersvn/data/logs/ubersvn.log that would be really helpful.