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  • Cannot delete repositories

    Hi all,

    I'm having this issue on our UberSVN installation wherein I cannot delete existing repositories.

    When I try to delete a repository, I get the confirmation prompt asking whether I wan to proceed. After confirming, however, the page just refreshes and the repository still shows up on the list of repositories. I have been trying to do the process again and again with no luck.

    Additional details on our setup:
    * UberSVN Chimney House (up to date with latest updates).
    * CentOS Linux 5.x
    * 4 GB of RAM

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Hi there,

    Is there anything in the log that points to a reason?


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      Hi, sorry if this is a newbie question - but where can I check the logs?


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        In the logs tab of uberSVN

        There's a list of the log files and what's generally in them here.


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          Hello Boss,
          I am new to SVN server.
          Can you please tell me what is WC_Dir (Current Working Directory). I really need to know this help me out fast.


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            Originally posted by Mand View Post
            In the logs tab of uberSVN

            There's a list of the log files and what's generally in them here.
            OK. I just checked the logs - both from the web admin and the command line. Nothing interesting - just the typical INFO messages.

            I also just noticed, after deleting a repository I get this message prompt from the web admin - "No repositories deleted". No explanation though.


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              Does the uberSVN user you're logged in as have admin permissions for that repository?

              There are a couple of places where you can delete the repository, which tab/section are you doing this from?


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                The user I'm has "System Admin" access though it's not the one that created the repository.

                I've tried to delete the repository both from (1) the list of Repositories as well as from (2) the Detail View of the repository itself - no luck doing it with both.


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                  Did you change the default folder structure on import?


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                    From the command line? I don't think we ever did. We basically just created the repositories. In fact, the reason why we're deleting those repositories is because they were just created but not really used.

                    The only major thing that changed in our installation was that (1) the hostname was changed - it used to be the IP address only and (2) it was upgraded to Chimney House - when it was first installed, the previous version was used (