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Adding PHP and MySQL to uberSVNs apache

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  • Adding PHP and MySQL to uberSVNs apache

    Hey folks,

    Im trying to make the apache server of uberSVN run PHP with MySQL,
    The reason I want this is because I run a website at home which uses PHP, and it would be overkill to run a seperate XAMPP server for example besides the already running uberSVN just for PHP support...
    I cannot find any tutorials on how to add PHP and MySQL to an uberSVN installation.

    EDIT: PHP is working now but I have no idea how to add MySQL to it?

    Can some one maybe write a little tutorial or the necessary steps to install MySQL on uberSVN? Or maybe point me to a tutorial somewhere on the web that will work?

    Thanks alot!
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    Just install MySQL as you normally would for your operating system.


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      The newest PHP has modules for mySQL already in it, all I had to do was uncomment the includes for the dll's in the php's config, and I was able to connect to my MySQL database!
      Everything working like a charm now, thanks for the support