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    I'm running version #12.3-9420 with SVN - 1.6 on-top of an OS X Lion Server (10.7.4). I've recently started having a number of strange problems with my busiest repository, as follows:
    1. Frequently when I try to commit a file from an IDE I get a timeout message - trying a second or third time generally sorts it out (sometimes if I update the directory again, and then try the commit again it works).
    2. The dashboard view of the uberSVN client no longer shows commit comments - the last it has is from May.
    3. If I try and browse the repository via the uberSVN client it takes for ever and then reports "Unable to get latest revision"
    Looking at the repository it appears fine (all the commits are there as I'd expect and so on) - so I'm guessing this is a set of problems with uberSNV - but the timeout problem has got me worried.

    The other repositories, which haven't had much recent activity, seem fine.

    Any ideas? Does it capture a log somewhere I can send you?

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    Hi there,

    The commit timeut is a bit concerning, is there any pattern to when it fails?
    Re the commit messaging, was anything changed in the directory around the time it stopped working? Do you have a file called post-commit.bat in the hooks directory?
    Re 3 - how big is the repo? Can you view it in your client's repo-browser?

    As an aside, there are several updates since 12.3, is there a reason you haven't updated? 12.4 and 6 have some pretty useful features.


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      Also, log files are shown on the logs tab - details here.