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Management of Subversion Installation When Using uberSVN

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  • Management of Subversion Installation When Using uberSVN

    Where does the uberSVN installer install Subversion? Once uberSVN is installed, how can I know what version of Subversion I am using? After installing uberSVN, how do I manage the Subversion installation e.g. upgrading it to the most recent version?

    Trying to figure out what versions of uberSVN and Subversion I was using, I clicked a myriad of tabs and links within the uberSVN web interface, without success. Now, I've just noticed the following at the bottom right-hand corner of the web page: WANdisco 2012 - #12.4-9741 SVN - 1.6.

    I am using Windows 7.

    I am using Firefox 13.0.1
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    Hi there,

    Default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\WANdisco\uberSVN\

    You can see the Subversion version on the bottom of the page, as you noted, but you can also see this (and change it) on the SVN switch tab.


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      Originally posted by Mand View Post
      Hi there,

      Default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\WANdisco\uberSVN\

      You can see the Subversion version on the bottom of the page, as you noted, but you can also see this (and change it) on the SVN switch tab.
      Excellent. Thank you for the info about the SVN switch tab.

      I notice that when I click on the Updates tab, versions are shown there as well. Scrolling through the components I notice that there are two whose status says, "Download Available." The two components are as follows:

      1. uberSVN Core Core 12.04.9741-1 12.06.0403-1
      2. subversion17 Subversion 1.7 Binaries Core 1.7.4-2 1.7.5-2

      Why was I not notified by uberSVN that these updates are available? Do I need to monitor the Updates screen regularly in order to look for "Downloads Available" status alerts?

      Incidentally, you provided me with the installation location of uberSVN, not Subversion. Looking at the Update tab it looks like Subversion binaries are installed, not a full-blown Subversion installation. Is Subversion installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\WANdisco\uberSVN\lib? I'm just curious. I've never used Subversion before, and I've just begun using uberSVN.


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        Re the updates - how often have you got the updater checking for new updates (default is weekly, and this can be found in the Administration > uberSVN Server tabs).

        Re Subversion, the Subversion files are in the WANdisco\Subversion folder, sorry.


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          Strange. The only folder beneath WANdisco is uberSVN. There is no WANdisco\Subversion folder. Is it possible that the subversion binaries are installed underneath WANdisco\uberSVN? Nevermind, I think I found it in C:\Program Files (x86)\WANdisco\uberSVN\data\svn1.6.
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            Oh sorry! I didn't see the first part of your reply so I created another post for my related question. Please delete that post if possible. Regarding the updates:

            Update Check Frequency: Weekly
            Update Channel: Latest Releases


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              You could change it to daily, but ordinarily weekly is enough.

              Did you have email set up from install, or configure it later?


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                I set up email at install, but I haven't received any emails regarding updates. I just sent an announcement through uberSVN, which immediately appeared in my email inbox, so it seems that the email configuration is set correctly. I have one user set up, myself, whose user permissions are as follows:

                System Admin (YES)
                Global Team Admin (NO)
                Global Repository Admin (NO)
                uberAPPS User (YES)


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                  Sounds silly, but it hasn't been marked as spam has it?

                  On this occasion I'd recommend installing the updates, and then seeing if you get the next update reminder. The reason I'm saying that is that once the update has been found you won't get another email until another update is available (it doesn't send repeated messages for the same update).


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                    Nope, like I said the email works fine. I tested it by posting a message via uberSVN, which immediately sent email via Google smtp right to my inbox. Weird. Anyway, I'll check the Updates screen occasionally and if there's a Download Available for which I haven't received an email I'll revisit this. Thanks for your help!