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uberSVN: How to hide a tag?

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  • uberSVN: How to hide a tag?

    Hi all,

    If is it possible, how do I configure "uberSVN portal" to hide from main page the "uberAPPS" tag (for all non administrative users).

    Obviously I hope, after the change, the Administrator still has the chance to access the tag and make requests for APPS.

    Ruben Romo X.

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    I am afraid you cannot do that. Please make the suggestion at

    Thanks for trying uberSVN


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      Thanks Mat


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        Hi Ruben,

        As Mat says, its not possible to remove the uberAPPS tab from the main view but the permissions that uberSVN accounts are given will limit what they can do. For example, in order to buy anything, the active user must have the 'uberAPPS User' permission flag set on the user account. By the same token, in order to download and install a purchased app, the active user must have the 'System Admin' flag set.

        The default user created via uberSVN installation has both System Admin and uberAPPS User, so they're a sort of power-user in this context meaning they can purchase and then download/install. Any additional users you create now will need to have those permissions set, before they can interact with the uberAPPS Store in any meaningful way. Without these permissions being added to the user accounts, all they can do is 'Request' apps, which will send a notification to any uberAPPS Users that a user has requested a purchase. You can see these listed out in the uberAPPS > Requested Apps tab.

        Hope this helps to clarify.




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          Hi Wyne,

          Your explanations are very clear; however, in my appreciation, it would be a good idea that the ones who has the option to access the tag, would be the ones how really need to do something functional into this section..

          With your explanation, I am clear that just if you has the privileges, would be able to request and purchase something.

          Thanks & Regards


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            You're welcome.

            If you'd like to see a change in the way that uberSVN tabs are visible, you could drop by That's the place where our product team review enhancements to the product.




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              Thanks Wayne & Mat,

              I have followed yours comments and I already posted a suggestion at ""