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Unable to send e-mail - no messages in logs

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  • Unable to send e-mail - no messages in logs


    I would like to report what seems to be a bug (I hope I'm not jumping the gun).

    I have enabled e-mail notification in uberSVN and I have input the appropriate information (SMTP server, port, authentication type, from address, prefix)and yet I am unable to send e-mails. When I click on Test I get a message up top saying unable to send email.

    I have searched the forums and I found that there should be an error in one of the logs in the /ubersvn/data/logs folder (supposedly the catalina log).

    I am not sure what could be causing this but none of the logs seems to be updating unless I click on Check for Updates in the update manager.

    Since I am not sure if this is what is supposed to happen I am assuming that only the e-mail part is broken.

    Anyone have any suggestions for this?



    Server is running off of a Windows Server 2003 VM and is part of a domain (although the user used to install it is a local admin)

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    After checking with my SMTP server logs, it seems like uberSVN is not even attempting to communicate