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    Hey WanDisco,
    First off love the product. Currently we pay for SpringLoops for our development work. However I use a custom install locally. I will be switching to uberSVN. I do have one thing. The icons without ToolTips are a tad confusing. For example the Key on the 'Team Players' tab. I had to do an 'Inspect Element' in chrome to figure out that it is to make a user Team admin. Would be great to see ToolTips implemented. Or figure out why they don't show up if they are already implemented.

    Test Environment for uberSVN
    Ubuntu 11.04 64 Bit
    Chrome on same machine not showing ToolTips

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    Hi there,

    That's a very resourceful way to find out about the key functionality - I like it!

    In general the design philosophy for the uberSVN UI was that we should have something that would work as well on an iPad / tablet as it did on a conventional web browser. As such I'm not a fan of tooltips as we should be able to find better ways to explain functionality on the page itself. Things like the Team Admin key should be clear and I quite agree in that example that it isn't. I think we can fix that with an explanation key (no pun intended) on the page like we have one some other lists. I've raised that to our designers to implement.

    Are there are any other areas which were unclear to you?

    Best Wishes,