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Only show users from own group/repositories

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  • Only show users from own group/repositories


    I would like to see that not all users are displayed in the user tab. The same counts for the groups tab, for the same reason that not all repositories are listed for every user.

    Maybe you could make it so that only the users that are in your repositories and/or groups are visible (+ the users that the group admin added)?

    Oh, btw, does "Ability to roll-your-own advanced path based access control" in the features list mean that we can add permissions to folders for every user?



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    Hi WesleyE,

    User lists are currently limited so that as a user, you can only see other users if they are in some way associated with you. For example, in the same team. Otherwise the Users tab summary should be devoid of users. Sys Admins, such as the user created when installing can always see all users, though. This is by design.

    Permissions set at folder level, within a repository are not currently implemented. We have plans for this to come into uberSVN soon. At the moment, repository access is set per-repo with a Read or Read/Write flag, which applies to the entirety of the repository contents.

    Hope this helps.

    Many thanks.



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      Just one more thing on this, uberSVN creates an 'Everyone' Team when the installation is completed. If you remove the 'Everyone' Team and then create and populate specific Teams as needed, this will prevent all the users from being able to see each other.

      Hope this helps.



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        Hi Wesley,

        Did Wayne's answers make sense? From what I can see everything you want to do should be possible in the product today - Only users in the same team as each other can see each other, so removing the Everyone team will achieve that you want. You can also populate an AuthZ file by hand if you want more advanced, per folder, permissions for your user access.

        Best Wishes,