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  • New uberSVN Admin tab wireframes


    If your an admin, there's a good chance that you've clicked on the Administration tab and been confused about whats already configured by default, whats required to make a particular feature work fully and what all the 2nd tier tabs actually mean. Well we've put our heads together and worked up a new design partly driven through necessity (we're running out of 2nd row tab space!) and as part of our programme to re-design all areas of uberSVN and give the templates a re-rub.


    Other key features:

    - Ability to perform multiple actions with a single Tomcat/Apache restart once the page has been edited
    - Removal of fixed height dependency and second tier tabs! (hurrah!)
    - Improved admin dashboard showing heartbeat stats and relevant single view
    - Removal of social aspect, those functions will be performed via the main dashboard
    - Admin activity stream (system messages shown down the right hand side)
    - Extendable UI for plugins which may need to command control of specific platform config (e.g. Access Control port)
    - 'Backup' to be turned into its own uberAPP
    - Removal of 'tab manager' - move into uberAPPS as part of a wider SDK programme.
    - A war on slow page load times

    Future phases (once the template is in place):

    - Review/re-word/re-order the configuration steps for each item (especially email and LDAP)
    - Improved default settings (possibly based on selectable templates) to help admins get up and running

    So we'd like to know what you think, take a look at the wireframes and post your comment. We hope to start building this functionality (along with many other features and enhancements) over the next 3 months.


    uberSVN Product Manager

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    Thanks for posting this, Rich.

    My first thoughts are that by compacting everything currently in the Admin sub-tabs (apart from features which have been moved out) onto a single tab we may be causing this page to have information overload..

    1) Updates is tiny compared to the current Updates tab, so how would an admin get a full breakdown of what they currently have installed, versus what they could potentially update to? I see there's a History link but I assume that's just going to show previously installed updates?

    2) Status looks good, nice and compact but what will the logs link direct me to?

    3) Environment, Authentication, Communication, Plugins could potentially cause the page to become over-elongated, forcing the user to scroll down, expand a section, scroll down again to show the details, then scroll up to the top of the page in order to restart Tomcat. How about we instead present a dropdown of these sections at the top of the page and whichever one is selected opens a frame below containing the details. That way you only ever have one 'expanded' section to work on and you don't need to scroll around the page to complete the changes.



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      Hi Wayne,

      1). The Updates word would actually be a link to the usual Updates page you see now giving the user the option to get a more detailed view. We also agreed that we would probably need some breadcrumbs at the top of the page (replacing the 2nd tier of tabs) to allow easier navigation between those types of pages.

      2). The logs need a complete overhaul in a separate project for me. For instance, the logs could be separated, we could provide the capability for admins to setup email alerts, view email server logs (so they can manage and resend any system emails if needs be).

      3). The way you've explained it is how we intend this to work - those boxes would be rolled up by default. We opted to allow multiple boxes to be rolled down at any one time but we can easily change that. The disadvantage there is that we force you to finish working on a particular section if you accidentally open another box. Rolling up should auto-save the information entered.