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Expand All / Collapse All Folders in Repo Browser

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  • Expand All / Collapse All Folders in Repo Browser

    I like to look at the entire repository with new clients to get an overall sense of the codebase.

    Right now this place is using SVN 1.6.16, and when I right-click I only see the svn context menu items in repro browser, no option to expand all. So I assume one could make button or checkbox to toggle expand all folders in repo browser and I would love to have this ability. Right now I'm going through hundreds of folders click on each expand icon in the tree! Taking me forever, very inefficient. Seems like this should have been there a long time ago.

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    Hi, I've just raised this as a feature request for you - I'll update this thread when there's progress but I'm afraid I can't advise when that might be as things stand.