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SVN repo filtering based on file extensions

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  • SVN repo filtering based on file extensions

    We have a repository thats been in use for a long time with 23,000 revisions. We have to move this repo to another instance of ours.And during this repo move we have to get rid of certain files due to copyright issues.
    I know i can use a "svndumpfilter exclude --pattern" to get rid of these files. But there are 130,000 files. And as per documentation I see that for the "svndumpfilter exclude --pattern" i cannot provide a targets file as input. Any easy way to do this???
    P.S:I do not want to use the wildcards(*) option as that removes certain files i want to keep. Example:- *.txt removes all text files from the repo. But there are certain txt files i want to keep as well.