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method to make new checkout working copy have correct datestamps

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  • method to make new checkout working copy have correct datestamps

    Moving to Mac OSX 10.11 using SmartSVN 9.1 from WinXP SP3 using TortoiseSVN 1.8.14.
    I want my working copy on Mac to have IDENTICAL file dates/timestamps to the existing working copy on XP.
    "Set to commit times after manipulating" on new checkout on mac uses the commit datestamp like it says. Not the original file's date stamp.

    So, will this procedure work to create new working copy on mac with the original datestamps?

    1. Copy SVN working copy from win XP to mac. (I've verified I can do this preserving datestamps).
    2. Checkout a working copy via smartsvn 9.1 to mac into desired final destination path.
    3. Copy the XP working copy on mac on top of the checked out copy on mac. This gives me the identical file structure/dates as I had on XP which is what I want.

    This strategy seems to work on a test I did of a few subdirectories. Can anyone confirm that the procedure is sound based on how SVN does its file management?
    Is there an easier way?
    Thank much!