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Special characters in filenames

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  • Special characters in filenames


    I am using SmartSVN 8.5.4 for Mac, and have been using SmartSVN for about 5 years in my French company.

    Being a french company many filenames include special characters like é, à, è, etc. In fact, many files auto-generated by French operating systems include these characters ("capture d'écran" for example). This makes manually removing these characters practically impossible.

    In the past, this has never been a problem. True, we stayed on SmartSVN 6.12 for a very long time because it worked so well, and only decided to upgrade this year (2014).

    But with the latest updates, including the native subversion modules that don't support special characters this has become a real problem. In fact, it has practically made the software unusable for us (the symptoms: files with special characters can be committed but then are marked as missing, breaking subsequent recursive commits).

    I understand that the problem is related to subversion and not directly SmartSVN. But in the end we use SmartSVN as our client, and I would like to know if there is a timeline for the resolution or workaround of this issue before embarking on new projects with this tool.

    I'd really appreciate any feedback on this issue.

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    Hi there,

    There's a full explanation of the issue on our knowledgebase here:

    It should be fixed in Subversion 1.9 so the next GA release of SmartSVN that's based on that will be fine. Unfortunately as things stand though you'll need to downgrade to SmartSVN 8.0.x until that happens I'm afraid.


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