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"src\test\java" folder path is considered a "" file

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  • "src\test\java" folder path is considered a "" file

    In my Java project, I have the default "src" package, and I have subpackages like "" and ""; so in the file system I have the corresponding folder paths "\src\test\java\" and "\src\main\java\".

    During merge, SmartSVN reports strange conflicts on these folders (see attached screenshots) and it seems that these paths are seen by SmartSVN as files with a ".java" extension, not as folder paths whose last subfolder is "/java/" (which is the case).

    I'm at a loss trying to understand what's the problem; can anyone offer any thought ?

    SmartSVN Professional 8.0.1 in demo mode, Windows 8.1 .

    Thanks in advance.
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    Is this actually the right place to ask for help while evaluating this product in demo mode, keeping in mind that the demo mode expires after a given number of *calendar* days and not of *actual usage* days ?


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      Hi Bertrand,

      I'd really like to understand the operation you are performing a little because normally we will see the Local State: Phantom (tree conflict: local file missing, incoming delete upon merge) in a scenario where a file has been deleted on the trunk following a merge to the branch and also then deleted on the branch before merging back to the trunk. What the merge operation is trying to do is to merge the delete operation itself (of the file in question) into the trunk from the branch but the file is not present on the trunk to be deleted upon merge (which is what the message is trying to tell you). If this is the case you can mark the conflict as resolved and move on.

      Did you perhaps have a file called previously? As SmartSVN seems to have that idea here.
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        Hi Liam,

        I forgot how I went past this, but probably I was just able to mark the "conflict" as resolved as you suggested.

        Unfortunately I cannot attach the Java code that caused this problem, however I'm sure that there have never been files called "" and "", neither in my working copy nor in the repository; there were just the folder paths "\src\test\java\" and "\src\main\java\".

        I can add that the subfolders "\src\test\" and "\src\main\" are the only ones having a "java\" subfolder under them, and they are the two which showed this problem.

        Regardless, I'd like to say that I found SmartSVN while looking for tools with a better conflict editor than TortoiseSVN or Subclipse, and SmartSVN 3-panes merge feature is just great for dealing with conflicts.

        P.S. I'm not Bertrand, that was a quote from a philosopher that I used in my signature


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          Hi, thanks for getting back to me.

          So with this Phantom Tree conflict I can only reproduce this in the way I previously mentioned. I cannot reproduce what your situation may be, whereby a directory may be being mis-identified as a file. As I said previously, I've actually only seen this situation following a merge whereby a delete operation has been made against a file on a branch and the same file has separately been deleted on the trunk. Either way, with these types of conflicts you can always mark as resolved and move on as far as I'm aware.

          I'm very pleased to hear that you like our product. We're always keen to hear feedback positive and negative. If you ever need any assistance or want to provide feedback you can do so here on the forums or you can raise a ticket directly to our support team via

          P.S. I had assumed that you were the philosopher Bertrand Russel, but that would mean you had died over 40 years ago so I should have figured that one out myself :P


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            Hi Liam,

            Thanks for your quick response, and for pointing me to , I had missed that one. I will use it if I need help on something else.

            No problem if you can't reproduce my issue, I'm actually learning that - regardless of the product I use for merging - when I am presented with conflicts that I'm sure are not actual conflicts I can safely mark them as resolved.

            As per my issue, it's probably somehow linked to something in my environment, although I can't completely shut down that little voice in the back of my mind that insists that the particular file extension ".java" is somehow involved - but it's just a feeling, not backed by any facts.
            However if I meet this issue again I will try to trim the code down to a postable example.

            Thanks for your assistance and for a great product.


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              long path file

              Long Path Tool works excellent to copy or delete, long path files quickly. It's very easy to use for everyone. You can try it and see the result yourself. good luck!