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E175002: OPTIONS request failed

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  • E175002: OPTIONS request failed

    Even if the client is logged in i obtain a connection refused message. My other repositories on different server does not behave this way. What could be the cause of the problem ? I successfully checked out from this repository but i get this when i try to commit changes.

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    This may indicate SmartSVFN is attempting to access the wrong root of the project. We can remove this with the following.

    1: Open the Preferances panel
    Windows/Linux: this is accessable in the Edit menu
    Mac: this is accessable in the SmartSVN menu

    2: From the left, select Authentication

    3: In the list of stored repositories, select and delete the entry for the problem repository

    What may have been (eg) may have become

    Once this is done, any action that needs to speak to the repository (e.g. update or commit) will ask for the login credentials.

    Do let us know how you get on.