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Check in time in Log History shows in local time

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  • Check in time in Log History shows in local time


    We are using a licensed version of smart SVN. The repository is present in NewYork Server.
    We use smart SVN client to connect to the repository via https.
    If the code is checked in NY time, we see the check in time converted in Indian standard time in smart svn.

    So it looks like when I see the history from a machine from India, the check in times are converted to Indian standard time..

    Can you please let us know if there is a configuration which can be set to make sure to show the checkin time in the repository timzezone.

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    Subversion stores the time and date in UTC (svn:date), based on the server clock.

    Your client will display that time according to local time settings on your machine. So the NY guys will see their local time for log messages, and you will see yours.