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SmartSVN 8.6.3 fails when locking an already locked file

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  • SmartSVN 8.6.3 fails when locking an already locked file

    Steps to reproduce:

    1) Lock an item in the working copy using SmartSVN (I chose a Word document) by right clicking on item, Locks > Lock...
    2) Lock succeeds
    3) Repeat (1) (Lock ... option is not greyed out so you can invoke it)
    4) Click Lock in dialog box
    5) SmartSVN reports "The locks have been refreshed now ... Locking of xxxx has failed".

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    Hi there,

    I've been able to replicate this, I'll see if we can get a reason for the failure in the error message instead of just the failed message. On the bright side though the lock stays intact so everything does stay working, please let me know if there's more needed there than that change though.

    Having said that, you could add the Locks column to the main window so you can see the lock status of files when browsing? It's in View -> Table Columns.


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      - Is there a way for users to to add a comment on Activity tab? No text can be entered in "What you are working on" field. Or this field exists for something else?