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Best Practices: repositories for each site using Cornerstone?

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  • Best Practices: repositories for each site using Cornerstone?

    I'm using Cornerstone and pretty new to SVN. I've been wondering about repository structures, should I be making a new repository for each site or main site directory?

    I thought it might be easier to have a single repository, for say: "Local Development" and then keep a bunch of site directories in there, but I've noticed each time I import a new directory, to start a new site, the Revision number counts up. I just started my 7th project in my Local Development repository and the revision number is starting at 120.

    Seems like it'd be better to start at 1 for a new project... that must mean the repository is tracking every change globally (obvious now, right!). I would guess then I need to make individual repositories for each site if I want to start with Revision 1 for my initial imports? Any advice or insight on best practices when it comes to repositories would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    The revision number is nothing more than a glorified timestamp. It's a counter of how many changes have been made to the repository since it was created. Don't get hung up on it too much.

    If you absolutely must have revision numbers starting at 1 for each project, then you will need a new repository for each. This quickly becomes a management headache, and can impede you in some ways (like if you want to share/copy/branch code from one project to another).

    Most people do not have a separate repository for each project. For example, the Apache Software Foundation keeps all of their public projects in a single repository; they're over 1.1 million revisions now. Version numbers (for releases) are up to the individual projects to create on their own, and usually they'll just say "built from revision X."


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      That's good to know. Thanks for the explanation!