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Keeping branch & trunk up to date: SVN Merge not working?

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  • Keeping branch & trunk up to date: SVN Merge not working?

    I've trying to update a branch with updated material from trunk, and svn merge doesn't seem to be catching all of the updates. Can anyone tell me if (a) I should be using something other than svn merge; (b) if I'm doing the merge wrong, and (c) if there's some way I can now find all the updates that svn merge missed? I've searched this forum and haven't found matching questions.

    I'm the sole submitter to the website in my repository. In January, I created a branch for some contractors to work on. They've removed the structural HTML from the webpages (yay!) and I've downloaded and committed their changes to the branch.

    In the intervening 5 months, of course we've continued updating the website's content, so now I've merged new content from trunk to branch. I did:
    svn merge svn:172.blah/branch/blah/blah svn:172.blah/trunk/blah/blah
    although I won't swear to you which came first in my command, branch or trunk.
    (I merged from trunk to branch, instead of using
    svn merge --reintegrate
    to go back to trunk b/c I wanted to continue testing before reintegrating.

    That seemed to work in some cases. I should get conflicts when different parts of the file have been changed in the two locations, right? The structural HTML (or SSI includes) were changed in the branch, while the content was changed in the trunk.

    My problem is that some files were clearly *missed*; their content was not changed. Subversion reports that these files have been merged, and further attempts to merge with trunk just report that no changes are found. I've double-checked the files in trunk, and the updated content has been committed to trunk.

    So, should I be using something other than svn merge?
    If I should be using svn merge, what am I doing wrong?
    Is there a good way I can compare branch and trunk to find differences not already caught by my merge?

    svn, version 1.6.16
    on an Ubuntu box;
    using Mac OS X, Terminal, BBEdit, and Eclipse w/ Subclipse.