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Commit in subfolders and merging folders and files individually

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  • Commit in subfolders and merging folders and files individually


    I have a team of around 6 developers working in a project that has 3 branches : DEV, PRE and PRD.
    The method is to develop in DEV. When the feature is done, merge to PRE for client testing and then, when accepted, merge into PRD.
    All of this happens in DEV server and then , its only needed to go to the PRE and PRD servers and update their working copies.
    All is good and working.

    However, recently I've noticed that most developers are doing individual commits directly on the file or folder that they've changed and not at the branch root and, because of that, there's no one stop shop where to know what revisions actually passed from one branch to the other.

    Is that any way of consolidade the meta-info of commit/merge in each of subfolders to the root of each branch?
    Is there any better way of doing this?


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    The first thing you should check is that you're up to date with the Subversion implementation on your server. Otherwise, well, bugs. For "long term support" the latest is 1.10.6.

    There's a tool called the "svn-mergeinfo-normalizer" that you might want to look into...