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Best way to add my svn versions to an online repository

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  • Best way to add my svn versions to an online repository

    I took over maintaining and enhancing a plugin for a home control hub a couple of years ago. At that time I just downloaded the current version of the plugin files and started my work. Not long after, I installed TortoiseSVN on my Windows desktop and have been using it to manage the code. No one else is or has modified this code. I'd like to now add all my versions to the online svn repository. But I'm not sure what is the best and/or easiest way to accomplish that. I'm running TortoiseSVN 1.11.1, build 28492 with Subversion 1.11.1, - release apr 1.6.5. My repository is simple. Obviously all the files are in trunk. I have 16 tags for 'released' versions of the plugin. There are no branches. The online repository has 10 tagged versions and no branches. Appreciate any suggestions.

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    If nobody changed the online repo since you took your 1st copy, then you should be able to "svnadmin dump" your repo and then "svnadmin load" those dumped versions into the online repo. This assumes you can get someone with "local access" to the online repo to do the "svnadmin load" for you.


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      OK I dumped my local respository. Viewing the dump in an editor it's mostly character data but contains some non-character lines. Is that normal?
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        What URL is your working copy using? An "svn info" command would help here. Does the URL start as "http://" or "file://" ?

        You should not need to use "svnrdump" unless the repository that you are currently using is remote from your Windows desktop. Also, note: using "svnrdump" will only work if the remote server is running a sufficiently recent version of Subversion.


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          I'm thinking that I may be more successful by trying to just adding my updates to the remote repo, doing them according to the tags I have in my local repo. Experience tells me that trying to contact someone who would be able to do what is necessary to load the dump from my local repo (adding a pre-revprop-change hook?) would be next to impossible. I've tried to contact them about other issues and have never even gotten a response.


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            If they're non-responsive then, yes, a manual "tip-migration" (tip of each branch) is likely your best course of action.