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  • Subversion Migration To Subversion Q

    We are moving from one Subversion 1.6 to the newest version on a new Ubuntu server. We have multiple teams each with a repository on the old subversion system. I am getting feedback from one team that they can not move onto the new subversion system as their history will not go with their data. Is there a way to move just their repository with history to the new subversion system in a similar repository? Another way to ask is, is there a command line option to essentially copy a single repository from one Subversion to another Subversion server and keep the history?

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    Hi Linda

    It's possible & very simple.

    In your old (Present) Server:

    1. Take Dump of SVN Repo which you need to.


    #svnadmin dump (your repo path) > /tmp/My_repo_dump.svn_dump (Repeat for all Repo's Induvidually)


    #svnadmin dump /opt/SVN/devrepo > /tmp/Dev_Repo.svn_dump

    #ll /tmp

    -rw-r--r--. 1 501 501 96789879 Jun 17 2015 Dev_Repo.svn_dump (size depends on your Repo Total size) So Ensure It.

    Move the dump to new server & follow the below steps

    In New Server: (ubuntu server in your case)

    1. Install SVN:

    2. Create Repository

    #svnadmin create /opt/svn/repositories/Devrepo/

    3. Restore your OLD SVN Dumps.

    #svnadmin load /opt/svn/repositories/Devrepo/ < DEV_Repo_Dump.svn_dump

    4. You're Old repo will be migrated with all it's history.

    You're Done.!!!

    Thanks in Advance.