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  • Subversion Web Interface

    What are the possibilities/limitations of building a web-based client for Subversion. I know that there are currently web-based repository browsers, but these, as far as I know, only allow you to view and download, but not actually commit files.

    Would it be out of the question to build a web-based application that would have all of the same functionality as, say, RapidSVN?

    Has anyone tried this? Is there software out there like this for CVS or any of the other scm products?

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    The Workspaces on has a web client. However, this client is basically a .NET Windows Forms control embedded in the browser and requires IE6 in order to work. I'd say that in order to have a reasonable level of interactivity, you do need to have some kind of client side component - download links and upload fields just won't cut it.

    And the only cross platform way of doing this is with a Java applet...


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