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Suggestions for Repository Setup for a large website

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  • Suggestions for Repository Setup for a large website

    We're building a large web site with a main landing page, and possibly 100's of different subsites. So from the navigation the user would navigate the menu to determine which subsite they want to go too. The sub sites will fall under logical groups, but won't share any code, however they all have a line or to that allows the user to navigate back to the main page. Think of it like an org chart. The boss is at the top, he has 10 directors, Each director has any number of departments and each department has an employee.

    My question is, what is the best structure to setup my repository? Should I just have 1 trunk/branch/tag for the entire website (bosses level), or do I create it at lower level to encompass a group of sub sites (dept level) or do I create a distinct trunk/branch/tag for each individual site?

    The developer will only be working on a single site and only a few of us will be responsible for putting it all together to make a fully working website.

    I'm new to subversion and have only done CM in TFS.