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  • post commit processing

    Is there a list of the objects available post commit?

    I need to access the list of files, the comment and the person committing the revision. I want to use JDBC to update the bug tracking database we are using based on a field in the commit comment as well as send an email. We are starting to do continuous integration (CI) and want to use a field in the commit as a flag to the CI environment that the commit is preliminary and that no action should be initiated. Since our subversion is running on a Windows box, we have problems with path lengths during commit and have to commit sub sets of code to get around the problem. We don't want CI to kick off until all of the files associated with the commit are committed.

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    The post-commit hook is passed the path to the repository and the revision number which was created. svn log -v or svn diff --summarize will give you a listing of what files were changed. Have a look at the comments in post-commit.tmpl


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      I can run "svn copy" 4 times to the same destination folder. But is there a better way to do this--especially since I would prefer this to be logged as a single release, rather than 4 incremental releases (which seems it would make for more pain when retrieving previous versions).