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Python projects - how do i split into reposotories

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  • Python projects - how do i split into reposotories


    I started to work at a little Company in germany and my first task is to introduce a version control system.

    There are about twenty single python modules which are sort of a library which means they are used by several projects. Unfortunately they have been created very fast and are crawling with bugs.
    In addition there are five GUI projects that all use the library stuff.

    My question is:
    How do i split this stuff in repositories?
    Just one big repo?
    One for the library?

    Because it happens really often, that a bug occuring in a GUI is caused by a Bug in one of the library files.
    So if they are in different projects, how do i debug and fix fast?

    I'm really thankful for your recommendations!

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    By the sound of it you'd be best having one big repository with all of it - bear in mind you can always create branches within the repository if you want some separation of the different modules.

    Hope that helps.
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