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SVN Command Line - How to pull revision info of new branch creation.

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  • SVN Command Line - How to pull revision info of new branch creation.

    When I run 'svn info htts://path_to_branch', I get far more history than that of that specific branch alone. I am trying to determine if there's a command line way to pull the revision information [ who created it, when it was created, comment at the time of creation ] for ONLY the branch in the URL - and so far I'm striking out.

    'svn info -r base...' doesn't work on a URL, only a working copy. Since I plan to put this in an app that scans all of our teams branches across all projects, I can't check out each branch [ we have 160 active branches over 180 projects ].

    Is there a command that I can run for the specific branch URL that can give me, at the least - the revision number of the commit that created the branch?

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    Hi there,

    Unfortunately it's not easy by the look of it, but here's a thread on StackOverflow with some details:

    It's basically a matter of running "svn log --verbose --stop-on-copy $REPOSITORY/branches/feature" and looking for the earliest revision that it stops on. I'll keep looking in case there's something more accurate but I've a feeling that's it I'm afraid.


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      That solution is far better than any hack I've come up with so far. Though, in one test - on a branch that was renamed to Release_B from Release_A - the log stopped on the rename activity from A to B rather than the create activity for A.

      It's not terribly often these guys get renamed - so it's probably an acceptable inconsistency.

      Thank you very much - if you or anyone else stumbles upon or have experience with this sort of thing - I'd love to hear about it.