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  • ClearCase to SVN Migration

    Hi Friends,

    I am a ClearCase user. It's been 5 years that I am into Base ClearCase. Now our Organization's requirement is that we need to migrate to Open Source Softwares. So planning to migrate ClearCase to SVN. Can anybody of you let me know, what are the requirements for migration. I dont have any idea about migration. Also I am a new bee to SVN. Exploring SVN on UNIX and Windows. I am worried, if all of a sudden our Managers wants to migrate ClearCase to SVN. Please need your inputs. Requesting you all to send any Scripts that can migrate 70GB VOBs to SVN. We have couple of VOBs that need to migrate. Need your inputs.

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    Hi there,

    There's a lot of information online that should help you with this, particularly on stackoverflow - a couple of threads that will likely help:

    Definitely a good move there you should be able to move things over a bit at a time if you need, so people will be able to continue working on clearcase while others can start in subversion etc depending on how you do it. Hope those links help, but there's a wealth of information out there:

    Good luck with it all