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  • Newbie completely confused

    i try to get practice in SVN. so i install the tortoise svn front end and i start testing with a local Repository.
    This looks to be easy but it isn't because:
    1) the target why I use svn is that I have a lot of similar projects each year. So for this i decided to use the following structure for the Repository

    The problem is to intialize new projects. I try to work with checkout from the Bibliothek/CPU68 folder to a new project for example 89002 add additional required files from the modules folder by using copy to working copy -> adjusting the files ->and finaly Branch/tag this (with switch from working copy) to an new project folder for example 89002. But there are a lot of problems with this method.
    a) Wenn i execute the branch command i must first create a folder for 89002 in the repository before i can branch to 89002/trunk.
    b) Without creation of this folder. The branch command doesn't work with error 89002 dosn't exits or the files are not in 89002/trunk after execution but in 89002 instead
    c) The folder structure will not be generated (tags und branches must be added manual) it is possible to add this subfolders in one step?
    d) The second problem is there are conflicts while adding files from other locations for example from the module folder (i always have to solve the conflict by pressing the "local accepting button" in the conflict form)

    So the question is is this really the right way which i use or did i use the wrong commands.

    After I have installed the project correctly i want to make the release tags/89002_00 is for this the branch/tag cmd also the best choise?
    Must the tags folder really by used for this or it is possible to rename it in release. (i saw that some internal securities will inform me to commit in tags it this feature available too if i use an release folder

    Sorry for the long descrition but i try to explain my problems as much as possible to get the best repsonse
    i will be very thanksfully for any advice.