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SVN hook on Branch changes how to ?!?

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  • SVN hook on Branch changes how to ?!?

    We have a PHP application and we are trying to create a automated DTAP development street.

    To do this we have 4 branches in SVN:
    - Development
    - Test
    - Acceptance
    - Production

    But how to auto-publish code changes to the different (servers/directories).
    So if the Development branch is updated I only want to update the development (directory/server)

    I want to place a post-commit hook on the code that automatically updates these changes, but only to the brach it inflicts.

    does anyone have any idea?
    Google doesn't seem to have a answer..

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    What you are looking for is something called "continuous integration," there's plenty of threads on this forum discussing it: and Google will no doubt throw up thousands of results.

    A popular continuous integration software is Jenkins:

    I guess you can't search for a term you don't know about. Please feel free to come back with more specific questions when you have them.